If you are here, it is because you are interested in the Alteria Roleplay Server and what kind of experience it can offer you.

We have made this server to cater to long term players that love to be immersed in a great story with real people, places, and events.

Everything is planned out carefully, from the construction of our cities, to our main background story. This includes the feel of the world itself as well as the strict rules on this server. If you aren't willing to play by the rules, go find another server that is more inclined to your needs.

Server RulesEdit

1. Do not be racist; any kind of racial slurring is very offensive, and if you think you're joking, see if the other person is laughing. If someone takes offense then stop. This also apples to being a bigot of any sort. Be open minded or ELSE.
2. Do not use excessive swearing; look at rule 1. While we can be relaxed about it, do not swear without reason and try not to around some of the younger members of our server. Swearing can result in (but is not limited to) mute from an op if you are annoying enough.
3. No random PvP, especially in towns; this is an rp server, items don't matter. While you can fight in character for rp or out of character just for fun, do not just kill some random guy for no reason, or because you "felt like it".
4. Do not ask for op. If you ask for op, your answer will be no. If you really think you should be an op and the server needs one, bring it up with PinkieStarMia, preferably over the forum. If the server needs an op and the admins think you're up to it, they will probably let you know. Asking does not help your chances.
5. No destruction of the world; while the map is protected, if you find any loop hole to destroy something, don't. If you need something destroyed for any reason, ask an op and they will either help you or look at you funny for suggesting grief. If you grief the server in anyway, it will likely be met with anger from admins and is grounds for INSTANT BAN.
6. No hacking. Hacking is one of the few things that will get you an insta perma ban. Any kind, shape, or form can and will result in a ban. There's almost no reason to hack on this server, so why do it?
7. You must rp. This is an rp server; if you dont like rp, there are plenty of servers willing to take you, but this isn't one of them.
8. Stay mature. When you are rping it can get exciting, but don't make your character so strong that no one can stand in his/her way. Also, please try not to have any 'adult' rp, and if you and some other character love each other very much, then use /msg to rp it out. No one wants that in our server chat, and those that do are...strange.
9. You MUST be in character. (skin must be medieval looking).
10. No advertising other servers. It's disrespectful, and we would not come into yours advertising ours.
11. If you wish to edit the interior of your house, ask an admin or builder to help you.
12. Houses are FREE! Just pick one, tell an admin which one, and put a sign with your name on it outside.

That's all for the rules, I hope you read them all (and good for you if you did) . Now on to how to be white listed. First of all, your application must be accepted. Then, you can write a bio under "Character Bios" and it will be looked at. Our members will help you out with it and discus with you about it, and our staff will look over it and see if you're ready. If not, we can help you improve it until you are.

Custom TexturepackEdit


If you didn't know already, Alteria has its own custom texturepack. Named "Oddcraft"

There are a few reasons for this, firstly it adds a few new "custom" blocks, that I will be covering later on, these give builders and players alike a better experience in creating a more in-depth world.
Secondly everybody using the same texturepack makes sure they see what you see. Let's say for example, If someone is using a texturepack that has curtains as one of the paintings, and decorates there house using it, somebody else without the pack might come along and think "Why the hell is there a painting across the window?".
Lastly, and most importantly I made a custom texturepack..Because it looks bloody Awesome!

How do I use this Texturepack?Edit

You may download the texurepack from the link below:
This link will be updated with each new version.
Oddcraft V7.3:

  1. First of all, you need to Patch Minecraft with "MCPATCHER"
    (it fixes ALL the bugs related to "HD" Textures, like Fire on Brick/Gold/Pumpking,
    water in the Nether, non working compass/clock, and so on..)

    Download MCPatcher here:
  2. Copy the file "" into your ".Minecraft / texturepacks" folder (but dont extract it!)

    Dont know where your .Minecraft folder is?

    launch Minecraft, go to: "Texture Packs" then click: "Open Texture Pack folder"
    Or alternately you can:
    click on "Windows Start" > Run (or search) and copy/paste the following:

  3. Now just Select "" in the "Texture Pack" menu

Why should I use this Texturepack?Edit

Well as mentioned above, The pack adds new blocks to play around with, so people without the pack may see some very strange looking buildings.


The Top image is taken with Oddcraft, The Bottom image is taken with the default John Smith's Texturepack.

Here is an example:
The Top image is taken with Oddcraft, The Bottom image is taken with the default John Smith's Texturepack.

Now...If your wondering what blocks have been replaced, here is a small key: (This is prone to change with later updates)

Oddcraft Key

You can also check out the new blocks ingame by doing /warp creative and visiting the Museum of Modern Blocks.

I don't want to use your silly Texturepack.Edit

If for whatever reason, maybe you cant download the pack, or are using somebody else's computer, and you cant use the pack. That's fine.
Feel free to use whatever pack you enjoy using, its always nice to spice up minecraft by trying out a different packs now and again.
Just keep in mind if your applying for builder, or are building something not in freebuild, that you need to use the pack !
Freebuild builds may be done using any pack of your choice.

I think you should add to the packEdit

Suggestions for the pack are more than welcome.
You may leave a reply to this thread if you have any suggestions on things you like or may not like in the pack. Of course try to keep them appropriate, and keep in mind, I am not a texturepack artist, so I will do my best to find or edit a texture to meet your needs. But no promises !
Play Technic or Tekkit? Sick of using default or the Sphax pack? Oddcraft has a Technic mod support pack, there isnt currently a download link for this pack, so those of you interested should leave me a private message and we can sort out a way to send it to you.


This pack is a compilation mix featuring mainly John Smith's 32x32 and Doku's 32x32.
I did not create any of the textures in this pack, they are all taken from packs that I considered to be the best of the best, and compiled into one amazing pack.
Show your support to these artists by visiting there page and downloading there pack.
Here is a list of all the texturepacks i can remember that I used textures from:

  • John Smith for nearly all the enviroment textures, some items and some mobs
  • Doku for the stone, tnt, ores and some of the items
  • Tydoku and jadoku for alot of the items
  • Ovo for the bookshelves and bed
  • Jamziboy for the thatch/hay blocks and the wall with trim
  • Dustycraft for the wheat and most of the items and some of the artwork
  • Derivation for the particle effects, explosions and the gold inside chests
  • Grimpack for some of the mobs
  • Artefakt for the sponge texture (Crates)
  • SummerFields for some of the Artwork, iron golems, Villagers and the gold nugget.
  • "Connected Textures" (ctm.png) by Cuackes.

Roleplay on the server information articlesEdit

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