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Shator Skin made by Gamerboyz62

Reign: Some of the most remote areas in the world, and the wild.

Appearance: Males most commonly have sideburns for facial hair, females usually have braids and have bone jewelry. They tend to hunch slightly and stay low to the ground like animals. They sometimes have tails and have claws at the end of their fingers and feet. They seem to have wolf or lion shaped skulls. This is there normal form however and they like to change forms to other people or animals. They also seem to have yellow, red, or blue eyes and striped (like most lions or cats in general) or bold pupils (like humans). They also have human teeth but instead of four they have eight K-nines.

Natural Powers: They can Shape shift similar to the rangers but can mimic the animals more easily and, they can easily mimic any voice they have ever heard without any training or practice. They are one of the fastest and most acrobatic race. They can easily climb walls without any special equipment. They tend to use more primal weapons like spears and bows.

Weaknesses: Not very intelligent (because they were born and raised like animals), They are equal or slightly weaker than the average human.

History: Shifters have been around for hundreds of years all over the world but nobody really knew. They have been shape shifting into animals hiding from the public for generations and others were in very remote areas. Werewolves are said to be decent of Shifters. They recently have appeared more and more and have become a more public and well-Known race. They live in packs or tribes and are not easily trusted or easily trust.

Age Scale: Reach Adulthood at age 50, become elderly at age 500 and die at around 750.

Weight and Height: 5'8-6'3 190-230 ibs