Server Commands

Warping and DragonTravel

  • /warp (list of available warps)
  • /warp <name> (takes you to the location.)
  • /dt destlist (List of dragon travel locations.)
  • /dt travel <destination> (takes you to the place on a dragon.)
  • /dt mount (mounts you on a dragon.)
  • /dt dismount (dismounts you from current dragon.)

Sending Letters

  • /letter [text]

Creates a Courier Letter with the supplied text. Hold the Letter in your hands and write /letter [text] again to add more text to the Letter. \n to insert newlines. Multiple page Letters are supported, use right-click and left-click to turn the page.

  • /post [playername]

Sends the Letter held in your hands to another player, name verified to be a player on the server. Depending on the config, the received Letter will be privacy-locked to that player (can be unlocked by simply adding text to it with %5 /letter).


  • /marry <Playername> - Marry the Player
  • /marry list - Shows all Married Players
  • /marry accept - Accept a Marry Request
  • /marry deny - Deny a Marry Request
  • /marry divorce <Playername> - Divorces the Marriage
  • /marry tp <Playername> - Teleport to Married Player
  • /marry tphere <Playername> - Teleport Married Player to you

Roleplay Commands

  • /rp - This will be the Main Menu for admin control. There are a few commands there already.
  • /setname - &f sets the name on your character card. Also changes nickname, so this may conflict with other plugins.
  • /setage - sets the age on your character card.
  • /setinfo - sets the description on your character card.
  • /addinfo - adds to the description.
  • /setrace - sets the race on your character card. Races can be added or removed in the configuration.
  • /character (or char)
  • /resetchar - resets a player's character card.
  • /listen - listens' to emotes even if they're out of range.
  • /hide - puts you into hiding mode. This will hide your nameplate until you move.
  • /sober - removes all drunken effects.
  • /brew - brews up any drink that's in the drink-names.yml by name.
  • /bindspell <left/right/both> <spell> - Binds a spell to your left/right/both hands, do "/bindspell <left/right/both> none" to remove spell bindings. Left/right click to cast spells. Spells with spaces(for example: Raise Zombie) need to have the spaces replaced by underscores (Raise Zombie -> Raise_Zombie)
  • /listspells [player] - Lists the spells you or other people know.

Werewolf Commands

  • /werewolf (Show the basic info)
  • /werewolf check <playername> (Checks whether player is a Werewolf)
  • /werewolfinfect <playername> (Infects a player with the Werewolf infection)
  • /togglewerewolf <playername> (Toggles Werewolf infection for a player)