Samuel in his usual attire. More organized than usual, but still.

Samuel is an inventor, with quite a checkered and varied past. After living with elves, dwarves, humans, and any other race you could think of, he ended up in a flying city called New Aerios. In New Aerios, a famed engineer took the egnimatic boy under his wing, teaching him all he knows today. When Samuel ended up testing a teleporter for his mentor, he ended up in Alteria, with nothing but the clothes on his back and the goggles on his head. Currently, he searches for a means of travelling back to New Aerios, befriending anyone he can come across.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Samuel is a very polite, mostly energetic and cheerful sort of fellow. The intelligence and ingenuity he shows in inventions and science are not always shown in other ways, since he is quite disorganized and forgetful, almost clumsy. He always has a determined and positive smile to his face, and a scruffy haircut and borderline-between-5 o'clock-shadow-and-beard facial hair to accent his lucky goggles. His usual attire eventually gets covered in all means of soot, grease, or anything else from his line of work, but always is nice and tidy otherwise. Samuel is one to avoid bad feelings and conflict, hating to see others hurt much. Contrary to most people around him, he isn't very adept in combat or athletic in many ways. If anything, inventions are his only strong suit in any combat situation.

Exact DescriptionEdit

  • Height: 5 ft. 9 in.
  • Weight: 124 lbs.
  • Hair: Auburn
  • Magical Abilities: None
  • Special Abilities: Incredibly adept on an engineering and scientific standpoint
  • Physical Abilities: None

Current GadgetsEdit

1. A gauntlet with:

  • Ice manipulation
  • Electricity manipulation
  • Powder Capsules

2. Vertical Propulsion Boots (boots that make you jump really high, but only once in a while)

Story Thus Far...Edit

Samuel arrived first in Morroc, where he really had to fend for himself a bit, and quite unsuccessfully, since he had nothing to his name. That is when he haphazardly crashed through a tent into his newest friend, Drake Seriph. The two of them went for a drink at the local inn, meeting another one of Drake's friends, Riri. After Riri revealed she was actually half-water demon, Samuel was invited to travel with Drake and Riri for a while. On his way back, however, he was attacked and wounded badly, rendering him unable to leave. After his recovery and Drake and Riri's departure without him, Samuel lived a lonely life once again for a bit.

Samuel eventually met another friend by the name of Corvo Leano. Corvo, a fellow inventor, took Samuel in, giving him a home and a workshop. Samuel was happy for a while, finding Drake again and catching up. Samuel then realized that his previous assailants were actually hired to kill him by an unknown source. Samuel and Drake were able to question one of the assailants, finding that the one to hire them was a mysterious man with an iron mask. Samuel held on to this information, investigating when he could.

Samuel then ended up meeting an angel named Seraphim, and befriending him. The angel promised Samuel a look at the archives of King Cyrus himself, to which Samuel was ecstatic. Samuel and Seraphim were brought there, after a tour of the angel's flying fortress. Samuel looked around for the book, until a strange demon within a chest tried to trick the two of them. First, Samuel made a bet, and played a game of wits, trying to stump the demon. Before that led anywhere, Seraphim confronted it after discovering a girl, named Ashlia, who planned to kill Cyrus. Samuel, who found the girl extremely attractive, was awkwardly shy and silent until Seraphim purposely broke the seal trapping the demon, sending all three of them into the void space he was held in.

While there, Seraphim battled with the demon, while Samuel did his best protecting Ashlia, even saving her life once. When a route to leave was opened, Samuel and Ashlia escaped, wondering of Seraphim's fate. Just before Samuel could muster the courage to ask Ashlia on a date, Seraphim arrived back, with a tome for Samuel's research. Cyrus also arrived with a map to some ruins that may hold many of the secrets Samuel seeks, giving the map to him. Samuel then braved his timidness and asked Ashlia out on a date, to which she agreed, albiet awkwardly.

From there, Ashlia brought Samuel to her home, showing him a dragon egg she secretly kept safe. After hearing the story of the dragon that once lived there, and Ashlia's connection to it, the day ended, and night time was upon them. Ashlia offered for Samuel to stay the night, to which Samuel accepted gladly. After almost bumping into Ashlia while she was naked, the two of them checked on the egg to see a surprise. The egg had hatched! The two of them were overjoyed, caring for the dragon. They agreed on the name Emmet, and both wanted to raise it. Samuel was offered to stay there, and permanently move in, to which he gladly agreed.

Samuel and Ashlia, with Emmet in tow, then headed to Morroc, looking for Samuel's friends to tell the news to. The trio bumps into Corvo, who has a surprise for Samuel as well. Corvo intended to leave Arkosia for a while, so he decided to leave Samuel his workshop. Also, Corvo saw potential in the young inventor, leaving him blueprints and an immense amount of money to use. After many, many thanks, Samuel left with Ashlia, noticing his former assailant and some of his allies. When Ashlia found who they were, she attacked them, with Corvo sneaking in to take the others out. Corvo then said how he sees much potential, and has helped Samuel all he could. He leaves, dropping his retracting blade and original mask for Samuel.

Samuel then worked on his inventions, finishing up some special enhancements to his boots and gauntlet. Samuel then sees Corvo again, with a friend. Samuel finds the friend is Ena, a witch. The three of them unwind a little at the inn, with Corvo convincing Samuel to drink alcohol. Samuel is immediately drunk, stumbling about and being an idiot. In the ensuing drunken chaos, Corvo actually broke his leg. However, Corvo was eventually able to click some things back into place, and just had to wait for it to fully heal. Corvo left mysteriously, as always, leaving Samuel to get back to his investigation of the strange man who has it out for him.

Samuel eventually was able to hire a tracker, and find the man who was attempting to kill him. Samuel, Drake, and Riri all investigated, which only ended in terror. Samuel learned that Ashlia was Edmond's next target, and while they were there, Samuel was stabbed through the shoulder by Edmond. Drake was able to rescue Samuel from death by placing him with a traveler, who bandaged him up as he stopped by Summermist. Samuel, who was unconscious from the poison for several days, awoke there, and set off immediately for Morroc so he could keep Ashlia safe. 

Samuel learned that the nearby city of Crowshire was quite far from Morroc, so he was forced to stay, to his dismay. Luckily, Ashlia moved into Crowshire during the time Samuel was away, so he ended up bumping into her in Crowshire. He then professed that he was ready to be a strong person, as Corvo asked of him, and that he would protect Ashlia and track Edmond down, all for her. Samuel trained, invented, and did whatever he could to track Edmond again. 

Samuel was able to track Edmond's position down, and found him in a walled-off campsite, planning and training to kill Samuel fully. Samuel entered and fought Edmond, ending in a stalemate of sorts when Samuel's previous wound was hit again. Edmond ran off, and Samuel was able to, however, grab some armor that was in the camp and keep him generally safe, and used a flintlock to hit Edmond in the arm. Samuel left this gear (including his own bow) in the camp, unlike Edmond, who stole a tome of sorts from the tent. 

Samuel found that Edmond was in Crowshire now, searching for Ashlia to finish off. Samuel found him in the streets, and fought him more, cutting the bag he had and making him lose the tome on the streets of Crowshire. The two fought a lot more, Edmond stealing an airship to try and escape. Samuel hid on the ship, and struck after they were closer to the deserts of Morroc. This final battle ended in Samuel killing Edmond, but losing control of the airship, crashing in the desert. Samuel was extremely wounded, heading for what he hoped was Morroc. The assumption was correct, and he saw Drake in the Inn before fainting of blood loss and trauma. The local doctor was not able to save him in time, Samuel's last thoughts going to the hope that Ashlia will be safe, and that he died making Corvo proud.