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New Port after the Sack of New Port

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RakkRakk's Warcamp

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Fort New Port

Sack of New Port

The Sack of New Port took place on a unknow date.


  1. RakkRakk's Warband
  2. Army of New Port

RakkRakk's Warband was a 300 Orc strong Warband.RakkRakk's Warband was made up of 100 Orc Warriors,150 Orc Archers and 50 BeastRiders.RakkRakk's Warband created a Orc Camp in Ivan Plains were they could get supplies and get Orc Shamans to heal wounded Orcs.

Army of New Port

The Army of New Port was a 200 strong force(It used to be 500 but the 300 other warriors were killed in the Battle of Ivan Woods).The Army of New Port was made up of 50 Spearmen,50 Swordsmen,50 of the Thorne Village Militia(Thorne Village was a village owned by New Port just 50 Miles away from New Port) and 50 Light Archers. Gambogy the Wise got his Army of New Port to create a wooden wall around New Port for extra defence against RakkRakk's Warband.

The Battle of New PortEdit

Day 1 The Siege Begins

On the first day of the battle RakkRakk began by commanding his archers to shoot flaming arrows into the town and at the wall to try and burn down the wall. A little fire broke but was quickly put out by the towns people. RakkRakk then sent in his battering ram to break a hole in the wall of the Town Hall.RakkRakk was succesful but his many but the Orcs maning the battering ram were kill by a group of Spearmen waiting for them in the town hall. That night RakkRakk got 20 of his remaining 70 Orc Warriors to do a night raid to set alight the New Port walls.The Orc Warriors were seen as soon as they got 20 feet to the wall and some New Port Archers began firing at them. 10 Orcs were killed and 10 escaped but fleed to Ivan forest.

Day 2 Fight for Town Hall

In the second day of the siege Gambogy stationed most of his me to defend the bearch in the wall of the Town Hall. RakkRakk sent his BeastRiders to trick the New Port Army in to coming out from the walls then RakkRakk would send a hail of arrows to wipe out the New Port Army.This trick worked all of the New Port Army's Spearmen,Swordsmen and the Militia of Throne came running after the BeastRiders and all Spearmen,Swordsmen and the Militia were killed in the Ivan plains outside the walls of New Port. Gambogy was in that charge and was the first to die.He was killed by a arrow from a Orc Archer.

Day 3 Flee from New Port

On the third day New Port was abandoned all of its people ran to the hills or got an ships and sailed to Alteria.For the remaining 50 Light Archers they ran into the Ivan woods never to be heard of again. This was also the day that New Port was burnt to the ground.


New Port was a last stand effort to defend the humans against the Orc race. New Port is know just a ghost town but there is a rumor of a plan to rebuild New Port into a Outpost to regain the Old Provinces.

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A monument to RakkRakk built to over look New Port