About PinkieStar (Mia)Edit

Opera singer was my first major, I am a music enthusiast, StarWars fan, Compulsive gamer girl, My Little Pony lover, love reading books, writing stories and drawing... I also have a major in Industrial Design, I really like martial arts...I am a geek by nature and consider myself pretty lucky to have people in my life I really care about.

Details About MeEdit

Birthday: August 23

Sex: Female

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Food: Pizza, Sushi, French Fries

Favorite Movie: Lord Of The Rings and StarWars

Favorite Quote: "Potential that goes unrealized is potential that might as well not exist in the first place." - Jedi

What do I do for Alteria?Edit

  • Manage Plugins
  • Make backups
  • Edit config files
  • Judge Builds
  • Help users
  • Accept applications
  • Permissions
  • Obtain beta tests for new plugins
  • Manage advertising strategies

Achievements I have ObtainedEdit

Race Achievements:

Realistic: make a Human character

Elven Tounge: Make an Elvish character

Faction Achievements:

Hidden Killer: join the Assassins

Tally Wally: Join the Talasha

God Achievements:

Godmod TO THE MAX: fight a god character

Big Scary Man: Play as a god or demon

Family Achievements:

Getting Hitched: Get married to another character

Family Love: adopt or have a child with another character

City Achievements:

Friend of the Family: Meet and befriend a member of a Royal family

Royal Blood: Kill a member of the Royal Family

Wanted: escape from guards attempting to arrest or kill you

Violent Achievements:

War Hero: Fight in a war

Problem Solved, Im a Badass: Eliminate a major threat to Alteria

Trial Achievements:

Pheonix Wright: Attend another characters trial

Character Achievements:

Heart Of Snake: Make an evil character

Heart Of Mia: Make a non violent Character

Heart Of Gamer: Make a comedic Character

Power of BOOKS: make a Mage character

Death Achievements:

Having a Nice Dream: Go into a Coma

I Salute Thou: Have one of your characters die

The Dragon Balls: Come back from the dead


True Roleplayer: Get 10 roleplay achievements

Master Roleplayer: Get 20 roleplay achievements

Out of Roleplay Achievements:

Noob: Go onto the server for the first time

Welcome to the family: Become a citizen

Money Fairy: Put money in a bank account

Real-estate: Buy a house

Get a Job!: Open a store

Growing Empire: Purchase multiple buildings

Gods Approval: Make a building Odd likes at first sight

My Little Foxy Building is Magic: only build and dont rp for a week on the server

Here Birdie Bird: Get in an argument about spelling and/or grammer

Alteria God: be on the server for 8 months

Alteria Veteran: be on the server for 5 months

Alteria Child: Be on the server for 3 months

Alteria Citizen: Be on the server for a month