Img orc

An aggressive orc

Reign(where they rule or own):Orcs are all over but are originally from Skyra and had a large Empire there.

Appearance: Orcs can vary depending on their ansestory. Orcs decent of tribes are usually green and have slightly larger tusk while if the Orc is decent of those who live in towns or cities are usually grey or brown and have slightly smaller tusk. Males usually don't shave but rarely even grow a beard or much facial hair other than maybe side burns. Females usually have slight claw like nails and shorter tusk, they usually have long hair with braids. All Orcs like elves have pointed ears.

Natural Powers: Orcs are usually stronger and faster than the average human and are known to be the most athletic race. Orcs are born with an ability known as Orcish Rage. This ability activates in three ways and different affects in each way. When Orc reaches a certain point of anger this ability kicks in, causing them to become stronger and faster. When poisined or badly injured Orcs double in strength and speed, they also cure themselves off all diseases and poisins. Finally when an Orc dies they will be resurected for about an hour before officially dying. During this time everything about them is quadrupled.

Weaknesses: Orcs usually don't get the best education so they are below average on intelligence. Also Orcs are easily angered and push themselves to far and die as a result.

History: Orcs had a great Empire a thousand years ago in North Isle (the land in which Skyra is located) but with constant civil wars and the Skyra against them it caused it to crumble apart. Now they either live in tribes around the world or just live as citizens in cities.

Age scale: Reach adulthood at age 16, elderly at age 45, live up to around 60 years

Height and Weight: 5'11-7'3 155-260 ibs