About Nightwolf2350 (Darmar)Edit

First of all, my greatest hobby is videogames.
I love everthing: Rpg, racing, platform, fps, simulation etc.
I also love to record it and show it to my friends (*No youtube*).
My musical style is dubstep, and I also make my very own music. Guitar, piano and Drum.
I'm from The Netherlands.

About my character: His name is Darmar. A young Nord, who is an Assassin in training.

Details About MeEdit

Birthday: September 25th
Sex: Male
Favorite Color: Dark-Red
Favorite Food: Meat and Dutch food like Frikandellen
Favorite Movie: Saving Private Ryan and the Band of brothers series.
Favorite Quote: A true man hates no one. ~Napoleon Bonaparte

What do I do for Alteria?Edit

  • Create videos and Trailers

Examples of my workEdit

Alteria Cinematic Effects (minecraft)

Alteria Cinematic Effects (minecraft)