New Port was a Sea town across the Great Sea

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New Port was a peaceful fishing and lumber town in the Old Provinces.New Port had a population of about 150(From records we found after the sack of New Port).New Ports main exports were Lumber,Stone and Seafood.

Leaders of New Port

New Port had 4 leaders.

  1. Ivan Freyh
  2. Yefg The Great
  3. Gambogy The Wise
  4. Warlord RakkRakk

Ivan Freyh was a very peaceful leader and settled New Port by the Great Sea 100 years before the Sack of New Port.Not much is know about Ivan(Since most of the records of New Port were burnt in the Sack of New Port) but it was said that Ivan was the son of the King of the Old Provinces.

Yefg The Great ruled New Port for a short while but in his short reign he occupyed many new lands in the name of New Port.Yefg was killed in the Battle of Ivan plains near the town of New Port.

Gambogy The Wise ruled New Port till the Sack of New Port.Gambogy was a very wise ruler he made strong allies with near villages and towns.When the Orc WarLord RakkRakk began to invade his allies he mustered up about a 200 strong fighting force to defend his allies and New Port.When RakkRakk's Army was in sight of New Port Gambogy began to build better defences and got more men to join his army to defend New Port.When RakkRakk attacked Gambogy was shoot by a arrow. When the Army of New Port saw this they began to give up the fight and flee into the sea.This was the Day RakkRakk became ruler of New Port.New Port was then burnt the ground and most of the people remaning in New Port were killed in the fire.


New Port is surronded by The Great Sea and by Ivan Plains.Ivan Plains has much wildlife in it also Ivan woods were New Port got its lumber from.The Great Sea gives New Port a Ship Yard and Sea food to trade an sell to its citizens.
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