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Madelynne on the tip of the SS Crazy

Personality  Edit

Madelynne is a confedent girl from a modern world. She loves her phone, is an extreme nerd, and can be a bit of a stalker. She always makes weird and sometimes out of place refrences. Since traveling back in time, Madelynne has become a bit more defensive, which is a nice way of saying rude. Often mumbles about Ty and Lily.Personality and Traits

Exact DescriptionEdit

  • Height: 4 ft. 11 in.
  • Weight: 109 lbs.
  • Hair: Brown with a bit of a gold shimmer :)
  • Magical Abilities: Some how traveled back in time.....
  • Special Abilities: None yet....
  • Physical Abilities: Good with a sword and a bow, and very athletic. Also a hockey player.

Fighting StyleEdit

Madelynne's wepon of choice is usually the sword, though a bow's always handy. She hasn't fought much, but her only wepon before her new gear was a bone. She usually attacks head first, but she will use arrows if nessecary. She is vary stingy with her arrows.

Story Thus Far...Edit

Madelynne was known back home for always being prepared.She'd carried a bag full of first aid supplies, a GPS, and anything else you could need (Also known as the Life-saver's bag). She'd been in an earthquake, a robbery, and a kidnapping and always came out unscathed. Then came Lily, her best friend. The did everything together. They called relationships, ate lots of apples (Cause apples make everything better!) and dealed with bullies. Like Ty, the jerk that got her into this mess. Anyways, Madelynne's class had just left on there long-awaited trip to Europe, more importantly the ruins of the great land of Alteria. While they were visting the ruins, Ty decided to see if she was prepaired for everything. So he took her into the nearby forest. He pretended to see a lion in a tree, and she climbed up it to prove him wrong. She just didn't realize he took her bag untill she was at the top. He bein the jerk Ty is, throws her bag into the river, not realizing she was going to dive in after it. In other words, Mistakes were made, and now they were both going to pay.

Madelynne wakes up many years in the past in foreign clothes and no clue where she is. She soon remembers Ty and her bag, and sits up. She is on a lare boat, with strage wings. All around her, she hears old-timey talk and other strageness. She looks over the edge to see the shore of Morroc. Madelynne's brain snaps into action trying to figure out how this was possible. She puts the peice together in her head. Old timey talk, clothes, Morroc. She sees someone else on the boat. A man. She asks where she is, and he replies, "We're in Alteria. Just on the shores of Morroc." She's gone back in time. 

 She later learns that she has popped up in the middle of Tion and Felicity's strange journey.The man she was talking to was Tion, who is skeptic of her (Or it least seems to be...). She later meets Felicity, a shy girl who's quick to blame herself who Madelynne nick-named Lissy, Lance, the captain who is pretty sure his boat is compleatly mental, and The Possesed Armour,  who she first thinks is a dis-emboddied voice and later learns he's just an annoying cheast plate.  Thus begins Madelynne's new journey. The Knight in Possesed Armour, The Damsel in D-d-distress, The Girl who Time messed up, and the Captain of the S.S Crazy against who knows what,