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About Lorn77Edit

I am currently a junior in high school. I'm interested in a lot of things but I guess the main things are music (I play the trumpet), soccer, and photography. One cool little tidbit about myself is that each of the four people in my family were born in a different country. I also have two and a half pets: two dogs and a catfish called "Whiskers."

Details About MeEdit

Birthday: August 26

Sex: Female

Favorite Color: Purple, Cyan

Favorite Food: Salmon, Rice

Favorite Movie: Shutter Island and all things Studio Gibli

Favorite Quote: "Yup." - xxRiftxx

What do I do for Alteria?Edit

  • Help users
  • Accept applications
  • Resolve conflicts between players
  • Give my opinion on important server issues
  • Maintain the peace
  • Build

Achievements I have ObtainedEdit

Realistic: make a Human character (Tobias)
Elven Tounge: Make an Elvish character (Mei/Yuna)
Archers Ready: Join the rangers (Mei -the old rangers from a long time ago)
The Sword is Mightier then the Pen: Join the Paladins (Tobias)
__________: Become the leader of the Paladins (Tobias)
Godmod TO THE MAX: fight a god character (Mei has faught Eilden, if that counts)
Getting Hitched: Get married to another character (Mei) Family Love: adopt or have a child with another character (Mei)
Violent: War Hero: Fight in a war (Mei)
Trial: Pheonix Wright: Attend another characters trial (Mei)
Death: Having a Nice Dream: Go into a Coma (Yuna)
Misc: True Roleplayer: Get 10 roleplay achievements
Noob: Go onto the server for the first time Welcome to the family: Become a citizen You got a promotion! No higher pay: Become a Helper A little Fox: become a builder Watchdog: become a Mod Well looky here: become an Admin Money Fairy: Put money in a bank account Real-estate: Buy a house Growing Empire: Purchase multiple buildings Gods Approval: Make a building Odd likes at first sight My Little Foxy Building is Magic: only build and dont rp for a week on the server Here Birdie Bird: Get in an argument about spelling and/or grammar Alteria Citizen: Be on the server for a month