Ibsin by Ash

Ibsin ad-la Adda The Assassin Mentor

Ibsin ad-la Adda, (russgates)-
  • Personality & Traits-
Ibsin is naturally a kind-hearted soul, with caring and compasion of a true Mentor of the Assassins. Those he holds close to himself, he gaurds with his own life, and he would die for them if it ever came to it. He can be somethies arrogant, due to his status and other-wordly power. Due to his power, along with his color, he does have a natural aggresive demeanor, which sometimes leads him to fights or rathe heated arguements rather easily. Being of the Mentor status, and living for as long as he has, he normally does not show his softer side, thinking that if he ever did, that it would allow those against him to use it to thier advantadge. Ovreall, Ibsin is kind, agressive, something of a perfectionist, naturally dominant, understandable and/or reasoning, though on the other side he is emotionally unstable, as well as mentally. He also can turn vigilanist if a certain event ever occured, basically taking matters into his own hands), as well as being stubborn, or self-reliant. He is also known to have physcological outbursts, ranging from severe anger and hatred, to deep mornful depression.
  • Exact Description-
Height: 6' 0
Weight: 191lbs.
Hair: A darker shae of red than his scales, reaches to the bottom of his neck, typically covered by his hood, is shown much better when waering his crown.
Magical Abilities: Ibsin does have the ability to control fire, whether it be flame or lava, due to his color being of the Reds, they have that natural born ability to do so. He can either draw fire from a ntrual source, as in torches, fireplaces, etc. or from his own body, due to his power.
Specail Abilities: "Cemn Sevno fie Nahf" or "The Fire of Hate" is a godly power only known to Ibsin, as well as his ancestors. Given to him by his father, Adroko ad-la Adda, it allows Ibsin to become practically invincable when he uses it. Why 'practically', is simple, because he does have a weak point. His weak point can not also bring him down, but also bring down any other Draconian. His stomach. His stomach is the only spot on his whole body that is a softest point to be able to be physcially hurt by. If he is use of 'Cemn Sevno fie Nahf' or 'The Rage' as he dubbed it and is run through, he will most likely die of simple bleed-out if not attended to right away. 'The Rage' also grants him the power to see visions, mostly broken apart once he gets closer to the day it could happen, but also somewhat unreliable due to the fact that sometimes the visions he sees do not always come true.'The Rage' grants Ibsin natural healing abilities. As in, when he is cut, stabbed, or any of the sort, his power instantly heals him within a matter of seconds. THe downside to using his power, is that over time it slowly drains him of his sanity, only leaving an empty shell of hat once was, allowing the power to overtake him completely at its own will. Luckily, due to the fact of him being a mixed color gives him a sort of resistance against entirely losing his sanity. 'The Rage' also regenerates his physical body every 10 years, pushing it back 20 years. Once his mind ages past 50, his physical form will only regenerate to around his 30s, keeping him that way till his death of 100, which is much past most Draconians normal age. 'The Rage' is actually a seperate consciencess, a living thing inside Ibsin's mind. Instead of Ibsin having blood, like many others, he has the fire of his power pumping through his viens, which gives him his body heat, as well as his ember-glowing eyes. Ibsin can also sing rather well, having a tenor voice, being trained by his past mate Evnya back in Tarase. Also, unlike many Reds, ibsin can write and read, which is also training with Evnya. 
Physical Abilities: Ibsin is strong for his age, being of 47 Draconian years, (47.5 to be exact, 950 in Human years). He is also rather spry as well as agile. He even tends to go on missions with his Assassins if has the time. Being of the race that he is, the Draconians age lower and live longer than most other races, so even though his mind is around that of a 50 year old male, his body resembles that of someone nearly 20 years younger.
  • Current, (magic skills/weapons/fighting styles/speacil techniques/etc.)-
Ibsin normally does not carry many weapons with him as much as his Brothers and Sister of the Order do. He himself typically carries a sword, given to him by his Mentor back in Tarase, along with a few vials of his blood to help others from mortal wounds, along with his Hidden Blade, which he uses whenevre possible. Most of what he wears is that of a regular Assassin outfit, with a Mentor cloak over it, or his Draconian Empire Royalty, consisting of his godl crown circlet, and black based, brown body armor. His fighting style is rather unique and rare to see, espically in the land of Alteria. To a viewer, it looks like a cross between simple stances and counter-attacks, with that of martial arts. To someone who is standing aside and watching, it would look not only rather agressive in nature, but graceful as well, as if Ibsin had never touched the fighter, and the fighter would be dead before anyone could really tell what happened, and by then Ibsin would be gone.Besides that of a typical Assassn, Ibsin tends to also take hand in wars or battles, being himself once in the Draconian Empire Milita back when he was younger. He knows of battle strategies, as well as techniques that could give him the upper-hand in a fight. With his fire ability, Ibsin can either use fire from a source, or from his own body, since 'The Rage' lives within him, coarses through his viens, he can summon forth its fire and use that as an ample supply for his Fire Magic.
  • Story Thus Far...
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