Half-Races are for basically hybrids or mixed races(human with elf, orc with Dwarf stuff like that). Half-Races arn't things like: Werewolves(which is a disease), Half-Dragons(which is a race), ect. Half-Races are mix of two main races that is pretty much it. Some Half-Races are Half-Elves, Half-Orcs, Guard breed, Half-Lupis, and Shifter Breed.Edit

Half-Elves: Edit

  • Mixed form: Half-Elves are just a breed from Elf and another race not just human though human tends to be the most commonly mixed.
  • Appearance: Half-Elves have pointy ears like elves but their ears usually are slightly shorter than elves. They tend to have hair colors of the other race they are from. Half-Elves are just as slim and as athletic as Elves but tend to be maybe slightly buffer. Half-Elves like normal Elves do not grow facial hair except males may grow maybe a small goatee or something similar but those are somewhat rare.
  • History: Half-Elves are just as common and some cases more common then Elves. Most royalty like Princess Mia are Half-Elves. Sometimes Elven Nations and Human Kingdoms have their royalties married to form a peace and to combine into one kingdom. Half-Elves tend to be either looked down upon from some Elven communities. They think Half-Elves are just stains on Elven blood and heritage but, some Elven communities look up to them as symbols of unity of two cultures bringing all beings into one perfect culture.
  • Natural Powers: All Half-Elves are born with the ability to regenerate easily but it is like a form of puberty and some can perform regeneration earlier than others.
  • Age Scale: they become Adults at age 25, become elderly at age 80 and die around age 130.
  • Weight and Height: 5'7-6'3 110-190 ibs


  • Mixed from: Orc and one more of any race no race breeds with orcs more than others.
  • Appearance: Half-Orcs are usually decent of Civil Orcs and thus have gray or brown skin. They have small tusk and are usually slightly shorter and weaker than their Orc forefathers. They usually have hair colors of Humans and Orcs and have shorter hair. They can easily be mistaken for Orcs on first sight.
  • History: Half-Orcs never actually existed until only 1000 years ago where Orcs actually didnt mind tainting their blood. No real royalty or astonishing people in history are Half-Orcs sense it is a very young race.
  • Natural Powers: Half-Orcs like heir forefathers have Orc Rage and it isn't any weaker. Granted Half-Orcs are not as strong as Orcs they are very close. They may have some powers from their other race.
  • Age Scale: They live by the exact same age scale as Orcs.
  • Weight and Height: same measurements as Orcs but usually Half-Orcs are slightly shorter than their Orc Parent.

Guard Breed:Edit

  • Mixed from: Guards rarely ever breed with any race but there own but there is that VERY rare occasion when it happens.
  • Appearance: Guard Breed look exactly like their Guard mother or father but their fur is always the color of the other race's hair color.
  • History: Guard Breed are so rare and are looked so downly upon by the Guard race that they have never had a chance to ever really make a footprint on the world.
  • Natural Powers: Guard Breed have almost as good hearing and smell as normal Guards but they have almost all the powers of the other race.
  • Age Scale:Guard Breeds usually become adults at age 15, become elderly at age 50 and die around the same time they become elderly.
  • Weight and Height: same measurements as Guards.

Half Lupis:

  • Mixed from: Lupis and Humans. Lubis who breed with any other race they will have a different Mix breed(like half elf or Guard Breed if they breed with that race).
  • Appearance: They appear like normal humans but have Lupis tails and claws on their hands instead of nails.
  • History: Half-Lupis are said to be werewolves because they are. Lupis race was born with the disease but have become immune to it. Half Lupis are born as werewolves.
  • Natural Powers: Half Lupis can transform into Werewolves whenever they want if its night they don't have to transform and if its day they can. They are just as athletic and as strong as Lupis.
  • Age Scale: Become adults at 20, elderly at age 40 and die at around age 50
  • Weight and Height: same measurements as humans.

Shifter Breed:Edit

  • Mixed from: Shifter with either Guard or Lupis. Like Half Lupis they would be the other mix breed for other races.
  • Appearance: Shifter Breed are almost complete animals. They appear like normal shifters only instead of hair its fur and they will have a tail of the other race and either have a mouth of dull or sharp teeth depending on the other race.
  • History: Shifter Breed are the most young race sense the shifters have been in hiding until recently and so no history for this Half-Race exist yet.
  • Natural Powers: Shifter Breed can turn into a wolf or a rodent (again depending on the other race) and have almost perfect mimicing abilities with a little training.
  • Age Scale: same as Shifters
  • Weight and Height: same as the other race