Reign: The Guard tend to live underground and keep to themselves, they are scattered around the world in their underground "city burrows" but the entrances usally come up in forests.

Appearance: Guard are a race of humanoid mice. They look almost exactly like normal mice except that they sometimes wear belts cloaks and common race clothes if need be. They tend to be about 5 feet to 4.5 feet tal when full grown, the femlaes slightly smaller and their fur tends to be a shade brighter.

History: The Guard were magicly created by a very powerful wizard who intered on playing god when he was exiled and his mage guild cast down by another satrnger one. When the wizard was left to himself he began to plan and experiment on making a race of his own so his name and his legacy would never be forgotten. When he made the Guard he at first failed. When he proudly gave life to the first bach of Guard he thought his work was completed and so he started to let himself slip into death (he had simply held it off while he worked on the Guard for the decades he did), but what he saw shocked him. The Guards lived like other common races and the Guards set up a small town in the forest of their creation, but soon they were discovered. They were hunted as mosters and their town was burned, the Guards themselves didnt fight, it wasnt in their nature so they died off, all but 6. 2 died alone of natural causes deep within the forest to hide, and the other 4 returned or were collected by the wizard. He learned carefully from his mistakes and began to work on his second attept at creating life. This time he warped and changed the mice so that they became something their own. They grew in stregth to match the common races and they became warlike, willing to die for a cause and (though passive individually) they would rush to war at the tip of a hat. The wizard forsaw that they would be killed off faster in their changed state so he developped them to live underground. He established their morals and insticts to control how they lived their lives. After he completed his master piece he established a city borrow and within five years the origanal rulers had been over thrown and replaced. Very quickly they spread and created more city borrows but always followed their insticts and rarely went to the surface except for when a Guard was forced to leave his borrow for some reason or another. As for the wizard, he saw how war like the Guards were becoming so he created a code for them to live by and installed it into them, as a race. The code was this: Overkill is unacceptable. Dont take more then you need without cause, stealing is moraly acceptable. Don't tell of the Guard to other races very freely, telling those you trust of where you came from is one thing, but explaining it to a town is loath to the Guard. Do not run from a fight worth fighting because you fear for your life, this is the most inmportant of the code. Do not bring any mixed breed child back if it is a bastard, if it is legitamit then it is acceptable. After the wizard did this and watched proudly as his race thrive, he was content as he died, forever remembered by the Guard but not worshiped. Today, Guards scatter across the world in secret, few knowing of them and fewwer ever really comunicating with them.

Natural Powers:
Guards have a good sence of hearing and smell whitch aid them in their dark world, also they have claws and teeth, but sence Guards dont eat meat, they are dull unless shappened. They are confortable in dark and small areas and they fur can keep them warm in cold places.
Weaknesses: Guard have very poor eye sight and can be easily blinded with bright light, they fear fire when it is a danger too them. They usally dont know much about magic or long range weapons, though there are a few that do. They can be over powered and intimadated. Death might not frighten a Guard but fear certainly does, they are willing to die fighting anything with scales.

Age Scale:
Male Guards can breed around 10 years old and females varry, but can begin to reproduce as early as 7 or late as 14.Guards reach physical maturity around 13 for males and 11 for females. Guards are considered elderly at 40 to 45. They usually die around the same age they become elderly, but their bodys give out when they reach 45 and they die unless altered by some strong magic.

Height and Weight:
4'5 - 5 ft, males weigh on average 100-130 ibs, females weigh around 90-110 ibs