Garret looking a bit ragged in his regular clothing.

Garret is a hunter with an unfortunate run-in with some bad people, turning his nice, normal life into a spiral of danger, magic, and eventually death. After odd red markings appeared thanks to a strange tome, he was chased and attacked until his death.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Garret was a relatively nice man, hanging out with friends when he could, helping others in need when he could, and staying relatively calm over it. Recent events, however, made him much more suspicious, not trusting many people. Garret has tired brown eyes, unkempt black hair, and a decent 5 o'clock shadow, due to his lack of caring from recent events. His pale blue jacket is very light and loose, and his dirty sandstone-colored shirt is covered by the gloves he wears over the sleeves. He wears very standard black pants and regular boots on his feet. 

Exact DescriptionEdit

  • Height: 5 ft. 9 in,
  • Weight: 122 lbs.
  • Hair: Black
  • Magical abilities: The runic marking's powers
  • Special abilities: None
  • Physical Abilities: Skill with acrobatic movement and marksmanship

Current Known Magic SkillsEdit

  1. Claws generated from pure energy.
  2. Acrobatic boosts that allow him to boost off of walls.
  3. The power to, if concentrated enough, teleport random distances.

Story Thus Far...Edit

Garret is a hunter, plain and simple. He was raised in Summermist, and would go to the nearby forests and practice hunting. As he became an adult, Garret established himself, selling furs and living off the animals he caught. Life was good, and simple, with nothing to really complain about. He had a girlfriend, even, and was on his way to the typical home life. Then... well, things took a turn.

Garret was hunting, when he ended up finding a small group of people nearing Summermist. Garret decided to be nice, and talk with them. At first, they seemed like normal travelers, until a tome one of them held began to act odd. When one of the travelers asked Garret to read from it out loud, he cautiously did, witnessing an odd reaction. A flash shot out and a red mark appeared on his left arm, glowing eerily. The travelers don't seem happy about this, since they immediately attack him. Garret is thankfully able to escape, with the tome in his possession. When he is safe, Garret reads in part of the tome that these markings are runic, and that reading spells from the tome would strengthen any inner magic released through the runic marks.

Garret returned home, to find his girlfriend had been murdered, and the travelers left a message: give the tome back, or we will kill you. Garret swore revenge over time, and fled the town, building a walled in camp for himself. There, Garret learned as much from the tome as he could, finding that only a source of magic would let the spells within be used continuously. Garret was able to purchase a pedestal, charging the tome with magic whenever it was on it. Garret trained, reading more spells from the tome and learning magic abilities from his exposure to the book. He figured for his revenge, he would need as much power as possible, and that training would help.

One day, however, a man named Edmond entered the camp, asking to temporarily stay in the camp. Garret was wary, but agreed. One day, however, another man arrived, wanting to kill Edmond. Upon the fight beginning, Edmond lashed out at Garret, who was only trying to break the fight up. After Edmond used the tome, creating markings for himself, he brought the group of hooded men that was after Garret into the camp. In a moment of panic, Garret concentrated, getting the other man and himself teleported to Crowshire. Upon arrival, the mark kept going, making Garret teleport again shortly after. Before he left, he told the man to make sure the tome did not end up in the wrong hands. 

The next teleportation landed Garret in the deserts, confused and alone. Eventually, he discovered the location of Arkosia, staying there to recover from the use of energy and battle itself. After a lengthy recovery, and any research he could do on the markings, he was ready to set off for the ports of Morroc. Upon arrival, he met Tion, who had a marking as well. The two fought, however, making Garret teleport again to safety. He ended up on Lance's ship, where he also met Felicity, another marked person. Garret told them where the camp was, and how he used a charged pedestal to power the tome and use it as much as possible. 

Once he recovered again, he traveled to the camp as well, hoping to help the two marked allies. Upon arrival, he realized it was taken over, and being used as a prison for his new allies. Garret busted into action, breaking the two out. When they tried to leave, Garret decided to stay behind, and try to get the tome back. When he tried to fight, however, his powers stopped for some reason, as the supposed leader of the group defeated and imprisoned him. He saw Tion and Felicity get captured once again, both at different times. When he tried to resist and insult their leader one more time, he was killed with a flintlock blow to the head, ending his tragic life.