Felicity is a young, very timid girl with a traumatic past and strange powers. After finding and reading


Felicity in her long black shirt and goggles, with the markings on her hands slightly visible.

a mysterious tome, she woke up with the pages blank, strange blue markings on her hands, and a strange fox that appears and disappears as it pleases. After this, she gained odd powers, being able to create a whip of pur magic energy, and heal someone's wounds for a price. She now looks for the meaning of these markings, meeting some friends along the way in her own shy, awkward manner. 

Personality & TraitsEdit

Felicity wears goggles on her head, over her ruby-red hair and above her light blue eyes. Her hair is a definite point people notice, since her hair seems to have a natural beauty to it. She wears a small but long coat, that she has made into more of a short sleeved shirt with the tail ends still intact. She also wears a pair of brown shorts under the shirt, and black boots. During the winter, however, she wears a grey long sleeve coat to keep warm, with black pants and a red scarf around her neck. On her hands, there are light blue, slightly glowing markings, that spark or glow brighter as she uses them. Felicity is extremely shy, due to her past relationship with her father. When nervous, which is in any social situation, she stutters quite often, and her face is quick to turn red. She tends to avoid eye contact, since she lacks the confidence for it. Besides her shyness, she tries to be as caring, polite, and helpful as possible, apologizing for almost anything. 

Exact DescriptionEdit

  • Height: 5 ft. 6 in.
  • Weight: 116 lbs.
  • Hair: Ruby-Red
  • Magical Abilities: Can use her marks to manipulate pure magic in multiple ways.
  • Special Abilities: Can draw quite well.
  • Physical Abilities: Athletic to a point, able to climb well and run moderately fast. 

Current Known Magic SkillsEdit

1. The ability to create a searing whip of solid magical energy, and wrap it around people, objects, and anything else, only seriously hurting people when she whips them. 

2. The ability to heal anyone's wounds to a point, no matter the degree of injury. The result, however, leaves Felicity in about 5x the pain in whatever spot was injured. She cannot heal herself, however. 

3. The use of a whirl of energy that pushes outward, knocking any nearby people or objects away from the blast.

Story Thus Far...Edit


Felicity in a more winter-prepped outfit.

Felicity was able to arrive in Viento, hoping to gain a ride to Morroc from there. She timidly roamed around, meeting Meiriene briefly and awkwardly leaving. When Felicity enters a sailors pub to look for a ride, some sailors try to feel her up, which is countered, kinda accidentally, by her energy whip. When she is scared to fight further or do anything, Lance Sander, a travelling merchant, stepped in and used some word play to make the sailors scared. Lance escorts Felicity out, providing her a meal, a room for the inn, and an opportunity for a ride to Morroc. Felicity just had to drop supplies off at the Hunter's base nearby. As she did, she bumped to Meiriene, who happened to be a hunter. Meiriene guided her to the base, and the two became friends. As Felicity left, Meiriene gave her a figurine, as a gift. 

Felicity arrived at Morroc, recieving some gold from Lance, just in case. She set off, looking for the Morrokean library. On the way, she saw Nye, in his werewolf form, about to maul Meiriene, who was in Morroc for some reason. Felicity was able to gather courage and attack the werewolf, making him return to his human form. After some drinks with Meiriene and Nye, Felicity looked around for the library she was here for. Upon arrival at said library, she ended up bumping into (literally) a man of the same age named Rye. After an awkward introduction, Felicity left to find the book she needed. While searching, a mysterious cloaked man appeared for some moments, catching Rye's attention as well. The man tells Felicity that if she wants to find out the power of the markings, and how "great people" used them, to head to the Great Archives, in Morroc's royal palace. After the man disappears, Felicity and Rye talk with the librarian, who tells them the Great Archives are off limits to commoners. After this, the two had a goodbye, hoping to meet again. 

The next day, Felicity accidentally met Terian, who ended up showing that he had similar markings on him compared to Felicity. He has a different, stone-based powers, and had no memory of how he got such marks. Felicity informed him of the man, and the knowledge within about the markings. After this exchange, Felicity realized she left the figurine that Meiriene gave her on Lance's ship. So, she ended up at the port once again, entering the boat to find Terian locking a woman in a room of the ship. Terian hides as Lance returns, who unlocks the door and lets the woman out. Felicity is introduced to her, her name being Karliah. When everyone left the storage area, Felicity spoke with Terian, who revealed he was stowing away. Felicity wanted a compromise, so she told Lance about this, who talked to Terian and worked everything out peacefully. 

After the exchange, some wounds Karliah were inflicted recently became infected, and Karliah was fading fast. Terian left to get a doctor, but Felicity stood, taking a deep breath and revealing another power from the tome she got the marks from. The power allowed her to heal a wound, but at the cost of pain to her (see Ability #2 for exact details). Felicity stopped the infection completely, and healed most of the wound, causing her own body to feel more pain than most humans should feel. Karliah asked if Felicity would sleep at the ship with her, which she agreed to. In the morning, Karliah and Felicity hung out a lot more, talking about Karliah's feelings for Lance and basically becoming such close friends that Felicity's stuttering stopped mostly around her. Felicity was given a room on the ship, and rested there while she dealt with another painful discharge from the markings, due to her magic recovering from the immense healing. 

After Lance and Karliah purchase a new ship, a voyage is delayed a couple days. Felicity shows a passenger of the voyage, Carter, around what she knows of Morroc. After the tour, Felicity heads to a spot above the palace gates, and and notices the cloaked man from the library entering the palace. She is convinced to follow, entering the very archives she dreamed of visiting. When the cloaked man whispers to her to touch a strange stone, she is teleported to a strange realm, with the voice of the man echoing odd things. After she travels a little bit more on the path, she finds Cyrus, former king of Morroc, waiting in an oddly forested strand The two talk, Cyrus revealing something about her. The markings show because Felicity has the power of one of the first true Magi, and the power itself is immense. Cyrus finds that, unlike others with such power, Felicity has a gentle soul, and will use the power for good. When the two of them enter a much more sinister version of the small forested area, Cyrus seems to become evil, transforming into a dark Felicity and belittling her. Felicity ends up finally finding courage and confidence in herself, and talks back, saying that she truly is strong and a good person, instead of what her father made her think she was. The dark Felicity shatters, and Cyrus congratulates Felicity on passing a test. He then shows her a path, and says that the path will extend while Felicity walks through life. Before Felicity could ask any more, Cyrus tells her to wake up and disappears. Felicity wakes up near the palace gates, being told by a guard that she fell and was knocked out. Instead of the usual guilt and apology, she laughs about it and leaves, noticing that she doesn't stutter any more.

The next day, Felicity ends up bumping into Nym once again, and going for a drink. The two talk about Nym's odd transformations, and wonder if her markings and his scars are similar. When Felicity accidentally mentions her dream, she tells Nym of the dream, not elaborating on the scenery. She does show Nym a drawing she made of Cyrus from memory. She never saw Cyrus before this, and never even heard of him. When Nym mentions that Cyrus was the king of Morroc, until his untimely disappearance, Felicity is shocked to know this. She writes Nym's name down in her journal, so she doesn't forget, and heads out again, wondering about Cyrus, and thinking if that really was a dream. If it really was a dream, how could she see someone she never even seen or heard of? Only time will tell... 

After this meeting with Nym, Felicity decides to head to the spot she originally saw the cloaked figure enter the palace, and wait. As she climbed the walls, she ended up dropping her journal, not realizing it was on the ground. A man walks by, noticing the journal and coaxing Felicity down to take it back. The man glanced in the journal, commenting on Felicity's drawing skills and confirming that the purple haired man in Cyrus. This man introduced himself as James, and accidentally showed that he is a quarter water demon. The two talked, and James figured Felicity was not a greedy person at heart. So, he took a ruby, and crafted it into a necklace. After enchanting the necklace to fit Felicity exactly, he gave it to her as a gift for her "un-greedy" actions. Felicity blushed and eventually accepted. The two decided to take a horse ride afterwards, which ended in the two of them crashing into a pile of hay, making their meeting all the more memorable. Felicity now adored the necklace, admiring its red color that matches her hair.

After her evening with James, Felicity headed towards Lance's ship for the night. As she travelled, another man came up to her and tried striking a conversation. The man's persistence and energy won Felicity over, and she ended up talking with him. The man, named Tion, came to Alteria looking for adventures, and seemed to look up to Felicity for her unique marks and what he assumes were big adventures. The two talk for a while, with Tion praising and looking up to Felicity, until Felicity takes out the tome, realizing there is another page written in it. Wondering if she will obtain any more powers, she reads the page out, causing her to get a forceful sort of energy burst to push others away. The real effect, however, showed when Tion found he had a mark on his arm as well, with a unique design and green color. The two are confused, wondering whether the tome gives marks to anyone near it. 

Felicity met uo wirh Tion once again, deciding to check in the library for any information on at least his marks. Whent he two stumble on a book detailing the very tome that caused these marks, they gain some hope, but find little information, besides the fact that the tome, when read from, helps to awaken any magic within a person. Felicity decides to head back to the ship, and brings Tion along. The two talk with Karliah, making introductions and helping to set up a mess hall in the ship. Afterwards, Felicity talks to Karliah privately about James, and how she may have a crush on him and such. Tion, already liking Felicity, overhears this and can't take hearing it, leaving in a rush. Felicity is conflicted by all of this, even stuttering at one point. 

Eventually, Tion arrived with some man, who seemed injured. Felicity just focused on Tion, apologizing for the whole miscommunication. After some talking, Tion decided not to just abandon Felicity, and they stick together. This odd man, however, seems to know about the tome quite a lot, saying that whoever has it is in danger. The man shows Tion a map to his old camp site, where the tome can be charged. Tion is about to leave when Felicity insists on tagging along. The two travel, arriving at the seemingly abandoned camp. They look around, seeing nothing interesting at first. Then, they enter a tent, and find a pedistal. When they place the tome on it, the tome itself seems to glow and hover, charging up and creating words on the blank pages. Before the two of them can access the tome again, they are knocked out by an unknown adversary. 

Felicity wake up in some prison cells, captured by a mysterious enemy. As they try and find a way out, the man that gave Tion the map bursts in, releasing them from their cells. This man seems to have a red mark, like Felicity and Tion's marks. As the group leaves, the man goes to fight an unknown advesary, getting quite severely wounded. Felicity and Tion have no choice but to escape, hoping the best for their savior. As Tion fights off guards and protects Felicity, Felicity falls through some tree branches at one point. The guards take her back in quickly, letting Tion still escape. She is placed in captivity, scared, weak, and without the tome. While she is there, she feels an outburst from her marks, and they seem to lose their sparks, not working properly. 

As she waits for her fate, she finds that Tion and Lance arrived to save her, and they attempt an escape, seeing that the man who rescued them initially is very much dead. The trio fights tooth and nail with guards, and gets to the airship once again, but sadly cannot find the tome again. Once on board, they discover two new passengers on the airship, one of them being an odd girl named Maddie, who talks of things in the future for some reason. On the ship, Tion confesses his feelings for Felicity, and kisses her. Felicity, completely embarrassed and confused, runs off, hiding on the ship multiple times. She can't tell what she feels, and whether she really likes Tion as a friend or more. She eventually drifts off to sleep, worried about her and Tion in general.

Felicity wakes up in a strange house, exiting to find she is in the dream world she once talked with Cyrus in. She ventures further, finding Cyrus again and talking with him. Tion also seems to be in the realm as well, due to his own marks. The three talk more, and Cyrus reveals that there are six marked people in the world. One has died, Felicity has one mark, and Tion has a third. The other three are unknown at that point. Cyrus also reveals that a very powerful person entered the realm with force oddly enough, but Cyrus was able to stop him. It is revealed that Cyrus will not be able to stop the man again, So, he tells the two to find the remaining marked people, and enlist the help of all of their friends. Felicity realizes that no matter what feelings he has for her, the two must keep working together to stop this strange villain from further attacks. In the morning, Felicity talks with Lance, being able to gain his promise to aid in whatever comes in the future. 

After exhaustive research and training, Felicity may have a map to an ancient temple, where the tome was originally found. Sadly, the map is old, small, and unmarked, not to mention she is unable to use her powers for some odd reason. When she bumps into Lance while trying to use her powers, a flash ignites, leaving both of them confused and Felicity with her powers back. As the two look over charts, they end up marking a location, that they could potentially fly to in the airship. Lance reluctantly agrees to travel there soon, even though the area is a potential deathtrap for airships. Felicity is overjoyed, and decides to hone her powers on the rooftops of Morroc. As she does, she ends up bumping into a hunted Draconian named Nez, offering a ride to a traveler named Contra, and talking more with Tion about his romantic advances.