Reign: Elves live in villages and sometimes nations in the forest.

Appearance:Elves are famous for their long and pointed ears. They also can have hair varying from golden yellow, light or brown, and even Green hair. Elves seem a bit more thin and graceful rather than strong and brute like. they tend to have more wild and longer hair and have thinner more pointed keen eyes.

Natural Powers:
Elves are born with the ability to use magic with ease. And rarely some elves are born with the ability to slowly regenerate. Elves are also one of the fastest races.
Weaknesses: Elves don't seem as strong or bulky as other races.

Elves are a very old race and yet still live in small villages either on the forest ground or in the huge trees. Elves tend to be very peaceful and not to involved with other politics other than the ones concerning other elves. Elves have become a normal everyday race and their history is defined by not war but rather peace and the arts and when people imagine a world of peace they picture an elven village.

Age Scale:
Reach adulthood at age 30, they become elderly at age 190, yet they live to be around 220 years.

Height and Weight: 5'4-6'1 130-170 ibs