Edmond, hidden in a black outfit.

Edmond is a manipulative man from a not-that-far off village, where he basically conned the whole place into following his orders. After a pirate stopped his plans, Edmond vowed to kill off that pirate captain's whole family line in revenge. 

Personality and TraitsEdit

Edmond has black hair, which is usually slicked back a bit. Recently, it has been more loose, since he wears a cloak with a black hood covering his head. The only consistent appearance feature is his iron mask he wears over the right side of his face. Edmond seems very nice and neutral in conversation, which is all a huge lie. Edmond is able to trick and manipulate anyone, and lies without remorse. He would trick his mother into killing someone, just so he doesn't have to. Heck, he has before. 

Exact DescriptionEdit

  • Height: 6 ft. 0 in.
  • Weight: 162 lbs.
  • Hair: Black
  • Magical Abilities: The powers of a runic mark
  • Special Abilities: Manipulation
  • Physical Abilities: None

Current Known Magic SkillsEdit

  1. Edmond can fire small spikes of energy at his foes, even though he rarely uses such a skill.

Story Thus Far...Edit

Edmond was a very manipulative man from the moment he was born, slipping right past any obstacles he had in his past through others. He fakes his emotions and lies without remorse, usually never being caught in the end. When he was able to get almost a cult following in his home village, he thought of himself as much more intelligent than any standard being, almost as an advanced race. This did kind of end when a famed pirate captain, Captain Synyster, arrived, seeing the corruption the townspeople were under. He thought it was some sort of ancient magic, and tried to convince the people of Edmond's wrongdoings. His plan worked, shattering Edmond's perfect life. In desperation, Edmond leaped at Captain Synyster in attack, and was somehow burned by him. Half of Edmond's face was burned badly, forcing him to craft and wear an iron mask, in remembrance of the day Captain Synyster ruined his life.

Edmond then set off, tracking down any relatives to the captain. Edmond did eventually find that the captain had a wife, and tricked some locals into killing her for her apparent pirate blood. After this, Edmond simply lied, stating that he killed off every last Synyster alive. Smug in his accomplishments, he traveled the world a bit, ending up in Morroc, where he used the money he earned from earlier trickery to live a peaceful, happy life. Then, he caught word of a strange man in Morroc: Samuel Synyster. Upon hearing this name, he gathered some bandits, promising immense wealth to the one that kills Samuel. After plenty of unsuccessful tries, Edmond did some reconnaissance of his own, finding out that Samuel was infatuated with a girl moving to Crowshire. After a brief and violent encounter, Edmond wounded Samuel and sent more assassins after the girl.

Edmond hoped his plans worked, but was confused to hear that Samuel was still very alive, and was able to stop his assassins. So, Edmond took refuge in a very isolated campsite, owned by an odd man named Garret. While Edmond planned Samuel's final demise, a group of strange men found him, as they looked for the campsite owner, Garret, to kill him. Edmond made a deal with the group: if they sent one assassin to try and kill Samuel, planting a map on him to lead Samuel right into Edmond's grasp, then Edmond would retrieve an extremely powerful tome from Garret. The plan succeeded, bringing Samuel into a duel with Edmond. During the duel, Edmond planted lies into Samuel's mind, stating how Captain Synyster looted the whole town and killed his parents. After the brief duel, Edmond ended it by taking the tome from Garret's tent. In an attempt to gain the upper edge, Edmond read from the tome, bringing odd black runic markings to his arms.

Edmond brought the hooded men into the camp and handed the book over happily, leaving them to kill both Samuel and Garret. Edmond traveled to Crowshire, where he tried to research these markings. Another stolen book from Garret told that these markings were runic, and that they showed direct ancestry to six extremely powerful magi from the first age. The book also pointed to a temple off to the north, not to mention that each of the six runes were within six people at a time. After extensive research, Edmond found that killing one with a runic mark gave strength to the others with marks already. Before he could apply such knowledge, however, Edmond was found again by Samuel, who chased him all the way to a docked airship, which Edmond stole.

Samuel and Edmond were forced to operate the ship together to survive, eventually reaching the deserts near Morroc. Edmond further manipulated Samuel, making him think that his father was a bad person, and that Edmond only wanted to restore justice. Eventually, Samuel saw through this ruse, however, and struck Edmond with an arrow, thinking it was a deathblow. With no piloting skills, Samuel ended up crashing the airship in the desert, extremely wounded and beaten. As Samuel left to get help, Edmond snuck away, revealing the arrow shot to have been a miss, and that he played dead. Edmond's wounds are more external, cutting and bruising him a lot, but he is still quite able to function.

Deciding to see if he could find Garret now, to gain strength, he headed back to the campsite, instead finding the hooded men, along with a large mass of fanatical soldiers under them. Edmond found that they were all part of a cult that wished to harness the six runes for themselves by releasing the energy of each one, mostly by killing the owner of the marks. Edmond easily manipulated this group, saying that his mark would attract the other mark-bearers. The cultists agree to follow his leadership for now, as they set up a secret prison underneath the campsite. Edmond eventually slips further into his own sociopathic tendencies, having an epiphany that he must not be human, but one of the magi described in the legends. When he 'reveals' this to the cult, they all revere him for it, not daring to try and kill a magi.

When two individuals arrive in the camp, looking for a special pedestal for the tome, Edmond springs to action, making his men capture the two of them. After an escape attempt led by Garret, Edmond finds that the girl who was left behind, Felicity, has a mark, as does the boy named Tion. During another rescue attempt by Tion and a man named Lance, Edmond brutally kills Garret with a flintlock shot, adding power to his and everyone else's runes. On this note, the escape happens, letting the other two marked people get away. Edmond was actually able to take the tome back from Felicity, who had it with her when they arrived in the camp. Now, tome in hand, Edmond and his cultist followers head to the temple mentioned in the legends, hoping to find any way to track the marked people and power the tome even more.