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A simple dwarf

Reign: Dwarfs have large stone cities deep in the cold mountain ranges of the world.

Appearance: Dwarfs are more short but are actually more bulky and tough because of this. Males tend to have very large braided beards and very long loose hair. Females have long locks of braided hair and usually red or pinkish faces.

Natural Powers:
Dwarfs are very religious and thus can enchant weapons on the spot(for example: A hammer of fire then smashes onto the ground and releases lightning). Dwarfs actually are stronger and more powerful in cold and snowy areas.

Dwarfs are rather slower than most races and don't do well in heat.

Dwarfs are from all over the world but they are most populated in North Isle where the kingdom of Skyra is located. Unfortunately Dwarfs were enslaved for more than 1000 years. So the result is many dwarf cities and know they roam everywhere free from their eternal enslavement.

Age Scale:
Reach adulthood at age 27, reach elderly at age 170 and live up until around 200 years.

Weight and Height: 4'3-4'9