Ibsin, a draconian assassin mentor

Reign: Half-Dragons once had a large and powerful empire but now are just individuals trying to make a living.

Appearance: Half-Dragons look like..well dragons. They have dragon (or dragon like) faces. They have tails like their forefathers and have claws. Their are different types of Half-Dragon, one is Draconian and the other is Draconic.

Draconian have wings and are more for flying, Draconian are also a bit more rare than Draconic. Draconic are water based and have fins rather than wings.

Natural Powers:
Draconian can fly using their wings. Draconic can swim swiftly and smoothly, they also may have a stinger of some sort at the tip of there tail.

All Half-Dragons have very soft underbellies, hitting this will bring them to there knees. Even though their scales are strong and durable they can be penetrated by weapons when hit directly.

Age Scale: Half-Dragons reach adulthood at age 200, they become elderly at age 900, They usually live up around 1300 years.

Height and Weight: