Four very unpleasant and unhappy results of rp that are inevitably involved in the rp process. But how do we handle these in a mature fashion that is fair for everyone? Well, this is what this thread is all about!

Character Death

Child: Momma, what happens when we die?
Mother: Simple my child, we wake up at spawn.
Child: Wha...?
This little joke is both correct and incorrect. So what really happens when we do die?
Well to begin with, we can first make a simple distinction: the different between avatar and character death. Your avatar (or minecraft person) can die without your character actually dying. But how is this possible? Simple, while your avatar may have died in minecraft, your character was simply on the edge of death and was simply whisked away to the nearest healing shrine. But how does that even work? Simple! All people in this land are born with an innate amount of magic that makes dying less likely of an outcome (In rp terms that is. ).
But how does your character die?
Only if you say so. Seriously, your character cannot and will not die UNLESS you say so. Even then, death is not permanent, but you must consult with an admin first before allowing the terms of resurrection to occur. It is as simple as that. No one can make your character die, they can make you wake up at spawn; but that is the worst that they may do.

Gore, How much is too much?
Gore in an innate part of rp fighting. However! Gore is not what defines rp fighting, it should not and shall not be the focus of rp fighting. Yes, it is okay to inflict injuries during fighting (as long as they are rp'ed properly of course). However, there shall be no permanent damage (such as dismemberment, chronic damage) inflicted without permission of the other player. This is a rule in place to prevent disgruntled players seeking out-of-character revenge. So the watchword is discuss, discuss all this before you engage in a serious, character-changing fight. Lastly, as admins of this server, extreme violence that includes viscerality or in-depth descriptions shall be tolerated. Admins have the right to decide how much is too much. As a last word, just use common sense. We all play together, let's get along together, shall we?

Stealing, its all relative, right?
Wrong! Stealing is stealing, and if you are found to be stealing from another player out-of-character, you will be punished. If you are going to rp steal, you must plan it with the "victim" first and they must consent; keep the theft realistic. You can't steal a person's bed easily, now can you? If at any time during the rp, the "victim" feels uncomfortable and wishes it to stop; you must oblige. Anything you keep, or don't keep, you must agree to before-hand. If you are rp-stolen from, and you wish to get your item back but that wasn't part of the original agreement, the thief does not have to give it back. But we all do play together, so it is advisable that we don't be petty and get along nicely. Any disputes will be resolved by a moderator, or admin, if need be.

Lastly, we come to the ugliest sort of unpleasantry of them all. Torture.
Torture must be consented to out-of-character. NO EXCEPTIONS. All terms of must be agreed to, and the people engaging in it have the right at any time to withdraw from it. Torture shall not, and will not be sexual in nature. If at any time, one person decides that enough is enough, or there was too much done, the rp may be treated as if it did not happen. However, all involved must be aware of this fact. Any disputes on this will be taken up with one of the admins. Lastly, any sort of harm done to a character or their related rp elements (family, children, pets, property) shall be consented to first. Violence against children is not tolerated however.
I hope this guide has helped you to better understand some rp elements of this server better, and if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask me!