First, you make the title your character's first and last name. Then, this section is for the basic backstory synopsis. Make this as long as you like. :3

Personality and TraitsEdit

Here, write about the looks and the personality and mannerisms of the character. Add as much detail as possible, as well. Also, a picture can be placed upon making the page. Even if you don't have a picture, use an image of the skin. :3

Exact DescriptionEdit

This is where you fill these parts in: 

  • Height: ? ft. ? in.
  • Weight: ??? lbs.
  • Hair: ???
  • Magical Abilities: ???
  • Special Abilities: ???
  • Physical Abilities: ???

Current (magic skills/weapons/fighting styles/special techniques/ect.)Edit

You can list all of the combat and movement based abilities your character has here. Your fighting weapons or magic, your gear, all of that stuff.

Story Thus Far...Edit

Fill this in with all of the storyline you have RPed yourself since you can remember, for a record of your character's actions. Update this, or any other part of the wiki, when anything new comes up. Thank you, anyone that makes a wiki page. :D 

Your Alteria Wiki Advisor,