Well, there have been many people on the server who are confused because they are not sure how rp is suposed to go, this tutorial will tell you everything you need (hopefully) to get started.

Basic commom role play:

The basic, and most common, form of role play is casual. That means not fighting/kissing/torturing/any other things like that. Casual rp is simple talking with a few emotes for details, but I will get to that.

When you are casual rping with some one the most important thing to remmeber is this:

action = reaction

It works like this, some one says "You sir have a funny hat" then the other person would say "Who are you to judge my hat, im quite fond of it", then the first person,"I didnt mean to offend you, I was just saying that your hat makes me smiles".

Now silly hats aside, that was how casual role play should go. One person says something and the other person reacts to it, action reaction.

Now an example of a bad casual rp: "you sir, have a funny hat", then the person who said that says, "why do you wear it, it looks funny", then the other person says who are you to judge my hat? Im quite fond of it" and the other person emotes just as the other hit enter that they take his hat away look at it. now the problem with that is that it went, action, action, reaction then action emote.

Rp is turn based and some people are slower typers than others. If you role play with some one and you do an action, give them time to respond with their reaction. If you want to add something to your action/reaction then you can do an "addon". Now addons can be a little complicated.

Its like this: "we need to get out of here zenith" then the person who just talked says "are you hungry?" then they emote to get food. Now they did that before Zenith could do his reaction, but its ok becuase what they did was an addon, aka a minor thing they that requires a full action or the other person to do a full reaction for it.

Now Zenith could do this "well we could go to yung farmor, and no thanks" or "well we could go to yung farmor" emotes to looks at the food, "No thanks, im still full". Now as you see when they did that addon it didn't require a full reaction, addons add to the role play.

Now on to something VERY much more complex, emotes.
There are two ways to use emotes, /me and *example*, I will start with the first way: /me is used like this, /me goes to the room and grabs his sword, that would come out as (saying the persons name is bob)Bob goes to the room and grabs his sword.

There are two styles for /me:

  • Standard is using it like "/me goes to the room", so it would come out as Bob goes to the room, the other way is third person, its used like this, "/me the glass falls to the floor and bob quickly grabs his sword". That would come out as Bob the glass falls to the floor and bob quickly grabs his sword. I am not an expert on the third person style but its starting the action AFTER the name instead of with the name so for standard its /me quickly grabs his sword as the glass falls to the floor, or third person, /me the glass falls to the floor aand bob quickly grabs his sword.
  • Now the second way to show emotes, with *s. If you are mid sentence and need to do an emote then use *s. Like this, "You will pay for that liz *grabs sword and pulls it free* and you will pay dearly!" now as you can see its used when you are talking along with emoting but dont feel like breaking it into this: "You will pay for that Liz" /me grabs her sword (or third person whitch would be /me Bailey grabs her sword) "and you will pay dearly!". use *s to interupt/begin/end a sentance.
  • Now onto emotes in casual rp. When you use an emote it follows the same rules as talking, action reaction. its VERY important not to ignore some ones emote, thats called god modding. If some one slams a door in your fce using emotes then you have to emote back, while you can use words sometimes to react to an action emote its VERY uncommon and you should always reaction/action emote to counter an action/reaction emote used by the person role playing with you.

I could drone on more about this but I may go into emotes more in another tutorail like this, so thanks for reading, you may be bewildered by all of this but don't worry, lots are willing to help you and its very easy to learn by just doing it. everyone has thier own styles of roleplay, but just remember the ground rules I wrote here and you should be fine. If you have an questions just ask around, many people are willing to help.