Novaskin Aster pose
Aster Aduro...A young man, born as a nomad in a enchanted forest called Sanctuary, a place far away and isolated from any other nation and place; rather peaceful and small. For many year's his family owned a bussniess that has been quite successful, having them travel from high mountains to endless plains, to deserts. This young man has a eye of a hawk from learning his father ways while having to fend off against beasts at a young age, it was adventurous for him facing death.

However, the family was plotted against so their bussniess may fall apart, leaving them in disarray when their father died. The only thing Aster has left is his courage and heart as well as his half elf mother. From then on, he took at heart the words of wisdoms as well as integrity from his mother and father, being humble while being giving to others by stating that "I can't have happiness, but I sure can give other happiness". He has also beilived that everyone has equal rights and should be equal like all the rest, both mankind and all the races alike (Orcs, Elves, Guards, Shifters, etc.)

From then on, this young man will soon enough gain friends, deal with hardships and struggles, as well as choices once he enters the realm, of Alteria...

Personality and TraitsEdit

A knight with a gentel heart that is kind but is also feirce when his friends are in grave danger and always lowers himself above others, praising them while extending out a helping hand to those he knows or he doesn't know; it doesn't matter to him. In his actions, he doesn't expect any payment or honor but does what he beilives is right without expecting any reward. He can be comdey, warm and friendly, fearful, but very peculiar in some ways, distinguished by his actions and words, this cause him to be both favored by many and hated by few for his moral, thinking he is just another child for believing such fairy tales of heros and his will.

The only set back for him is his stubborness, he doesn't know when to give up or where his limit is, thinking that "if I say I can't, then I would just die", meaning if he were to not put any effort into surviving or trying to strive or achive, he would rot like the rest who shackled by the chains of doubt and lose. This can be an upside but a downside when he can't accept reality of whats impossible and what's not. Even though that's true, this lively and determinded knight has gained all this thanks to his father teachings and tough love.

Exact DescriptionEdit

  • Height: 6 ft. 182 cm.
  • Weight: 132 lbs
  • Hair: Blond, Spikey
  • Magical Abilities: Wind elemental
  • Special Abilites: Werewolf morphing
  • Physical Abilites: Duel weilding
  • Race; Human
  • Eyes: Bright blue with a mix of green

Current magic skills/weapons/ fighting styes/special techniques/etcEdit

His current weapons are Aegis (gifted by Costin) and Godslayer (gifted by Airion). Both powerufl and enchated in some ways and sharp. Aegis is made out of the finest emeralds and crystals, forming a brilliant array of gleams and how its well desgin, this basterd sword is very light weighted, making it both one handed and two handed weapon.

Godslayer, a golden katana with a cunning sharp edge blade that seems to easily cut through anything, even the slightest touch on the tip can leave you with a cut on your finger. With his swords and his wind elemental, he is able to use it as a way to bend wind at his will, an example would be him sending a compressed air that is shape of a crescent, it cuts any that stands in its path.

But when you dont have swords, just where do you turn to? Well there is always the option of calling out his wind bow, formed out of thin air with a glossy shape look as if it was glass but truley, its the air the bow is made out of. The arrows are light blue just like the sky and are misty but have a stunning periceing tip.

If all else fails, the only thing he can turn to is his one technique: Tempest

A furious wind sphere that is a shape of a ball, formed at the palm of the hand. This blast can be deadly, both the user and the one reciving the attack, for if one is not careful in using it, it can have the potentioal to break the user's arm, dislocating bones or twisting muscles. For the reciever...He isn't so lucky for the force insde Tempest can send him back and possibly cause a substantial amount of damege. The only downside is that its close combat, the reciver must stand still at least in order to get caught, otherwise, he can dodge at ease.

There's alwys the option of transforming into a Werewolf. The upside is that hearing, sight, smell, taste, and strength are all increased due to the effects...The only downside is that it is quite easy to get burned, due to the fur. It can be quite slow and degrateing, but it sure does pack a punch once he lands one. A simple roar can leave enemies at dissray and cowardness making this an easy fight.