===This document was a collaborative effort between Head-admin Jillian and loyal friend, Brody. It is an example of what a proper roleplay should look like, when taken into text only format. Actions and sights are either indicated inside - - or * * . The character "Charles" is Miss Kurita's steward and caretaker. Jillian Kurita is the house matriarch of house Kurita. Mr. Snath is a merchant seeking a loan from them.

-Jillian is wearing a blue and white formal dress, whilst sitting, and looking a tad uncomfortable while she holds her toy bear, Charles standing behind her, hand on her shoulder-
Edward:*is wearing a red vest over a white collared shirt, walking next to a guard who leads me next to the girl*
-Charles notices you and motions you to sit across from me, as I give you a curious glance-
Jillian: -I look at Charles and then at you, and then open my mouth, in a girlish voice- Charles, who is this man? he’s strange...
Edward: *frowns slightly at the girl* Strange am I? *chuckles* you're very quick to judge, girl. I haven't even spoken five sentences yet.
Jillian: -frowns back, but then giggles- You don’t know whose house you’ve walked in, do you? -giggles more, appearing to have lightened up some-
Charles: Miss Kurita wishes for you to introduce yourself, and Miss, please mind your manners with our guest..
Jillian: -looks back and nods, looking down- okay Charles, if you say so..
Edward: *grins in surprised amusement* Miss Kurita, you say? Well, I'm sorry if I offended you in any way. It's nice to meet you though. *smiles warmly*
Jillian: -smiles back, clutching my bear closer- and why are you visiting us here today?
Edward: *straightens up* Right, down to business. *clears throat* My name is Edward Snath, I'm the youngest son in a long line of traveling merchants, and I'd like to, uh, take out a loan with your house if that'd be appropriate.
Jillian: A loan? -tilts my head in confusion- you mean money? okay... -Charles puts his hand on my shoulder and then speaks-
Charles: Please inform the Miss why you would be wishing for a loan, and why she should consider it too.
Edward: *chuckles* Of course, I wouldn't expect it to be so easy. *turns to Jillian* I'm looking to set up a shop here in the city that will sell materials that aren't commonly found in this area. I've been under the tutelage of my father-a relatively successful merchant- for the better part of my life. I recently set out on my own, and I'm ready to make a name for myself here.
Jillian: -looks confused as I tilt my head- why?
Charles: -Charles smiles, and then speaks- I believe the Miss means why here, and what sort of shop?
Edward: *thinks for a moment* Well, I recently passed through Agramoor, and I picked up some things that I think are a bit uncommon here. I don't want to limit myself to selling one type of item, and to tell you the truth, I haven't planned out everything that I'll have in stock, but I can tell you now that I'll be selling mostly building materials. Namely logs, glass, stone, and wool, I'd expect.
Jillian: -I look up at Charles- ...But Charles, doesn’t House Syrlavin deal in lumber?
Charles: Yes, I believe they do, however, the glass would be most welcome here, as would the wool. Please do explain more.
Edward: *nods slightly* Like I said, I'm not going to limit myself to one thing. I'm going to try to sell tools- no, sorry, the materials required to make tools. Lots of iron, and diamond when I can get my hands on it. This isn't going to be a major focus for my store, mind you, I've just found that it helps to have a bit of everything in stock.
Jillian: -I hold my bear closer and then sneeze- but House Dhonavayne deals with ores.. so you’re a tool shop?
Charles: I believe the Miss has a point, you are selling things that are very much in supply here. I believe the glass and wool would be a good start, but you could supply tools as well I suppose.
Edward:*scratches his head, a bit nervous* Well, yes, um... I'm going to sell food as well. Namely meat. It's a bit, uh, unconventional for a store that sells building materials too, but, well, I understand that meat is in very high demand, and I know how to preserve it well enough to last the entire trip here.
Jillian: -licks my lips, and then blushes as my stomach growls-
Charles: Such a strange combination but seeing as the Miss here as paid attention this long, I would say she is interested enough. How much are you wishing to seek as a loan? Where will you set up shop?
Edward:*relaxes, and smiles at Charles* I've saved up around 4000 gold coins at the moment, but for the location I want, I'll need an additional 6000. It's a middle class house near the East end of the city.
Charles: Well, I see, now you are talking house business at last, House Kurita deals with food supplies in our lands. How do you plan to get supplies shipped here?
Jillian: -I look around, losing my focus on the conversation, my stomach groans again-
Edward: *looks at the girl, and sees that she is hungry. Reaches into his vest and takes out a leather bundle* Here Miss Kurita.
Jillian: -my eyes widen in excitement as I take the package, opening it and squeals with joy- Steak! Oh can I have it please Charles please, please?!
Charles: I will have the cook inspect it, but likely yes Miss. -Charles looks at Edward- no personal offense to you, but we must protect our darling Miss. -Charles nods and a guard takes the bundle to the kitchen-
Edward: *Edward watches as the guard takes the steak away* Of course I understand, Mr. Charles. But you don't need to worry, I don't intend to poison the girl who I'm asking for a loan. *chuckles*
Jillian: -Charles nods, but looks unmoved- But she is no ordinary girl either, Miss Kurita is very special indeed -Charles pats her head gently-
Jillian: Charles, I’m hungry.... are we almost done?
Edward: Ah, right. You wanted to know about how I was going to get the materials, right? Well, as I said, I'm a traveling merchant. While the shop I want to buy is one that I'll be returning to often, I'm still going to go on frequent trips to Agramoor, and hopefully other nations for supplies.
-Charles nods at what you say-
Jillian: Charles, can we please.. pleaaase have supper now? -Charles looks down and nods, immediately I get up and run to the dining room, holding my stuffed bear-
Charles: She is very spirited indeed, I shall draw the papers up for this agreement tonight. Would you care to join the Miss and I for dinner? And do you have a place to stay for the night as well?
Edward: *sighs* to be honest, I don't have anywhere to stay at the moment... And I'd love to stay for dinner... that steak was supposed to be my meal.
Charles: -Charles cracks what appears to be the first smile you’ve seen all night- Then consider yourself Miss Kurita's guest, if you have any belonging, I shall ask the guard to move them to your room and have him show you to it after dinner. We are having roast duck I believe tonight, and if you wish I shall seek arrangements for your lodgings here at the Miss' approval or at an inn in Valinia.
Edward: All of my belongings are still at the port right now, but thanks all the same... I don't recall ever having roast duck, is it anything like chicken?
Charles: It is gentler on the palate, and the Miss prefers it, but she will be having steak tonight it seems. Do you have anything else you would like to discuss about the deal, your lodgings or the miss before we adjourn to dinner?
Edward: *stands up and stretches* I'm a bit tired talking about business right now, if that's fine with you. But thank for even considering meeting with me, it means a lot more than you realize.
Charles: Thank the Miss then, she was the one that saw your name on the list of those seeking audience, and she took interest. If you would follow me, the dining room is this way.
Edward: *smiles and follows Charles* I'll be sure to thank her then. Tell her that she's welcome to stop by once I set up shop, and I'll give her another treat.
-Charles nods as you two walk into the dining room, Miss Kurita sitting at a chair much too big for her, waiting for dinner to be served-
Jillian: What took you two so long? They’ve been keeping dinner waiting.. -I look very hungry, smiling as the food is brought out, Charles takes a seat and motions towards your seat-
Edward: *smiles at Jillian and takes his seat, ready to enjoy the fanciest dinner he's ever had*

That's all folks, if you actually read all of that, I congratulate you. Hopefully you have a better understanding of roleplaying properly now. If you don't, then read it again! Just remember, for the best roleplay, minimize how much you physically make other characters do things. Expect to see more of this soon! This has been written by both Brody and Jillian, revised and edited by Jillian.===