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me :D

About Andinn(Retired)Edit

Well, My name is andinn, and i like to RP XD and... um... i play guitar, i surf, i snowboard, i want ot skydive and basejump when i get older, and i am pretty good with computers, and i am taking classes about programming.... and... i use to be a staff member here on alteria, but then 10th grade came, and i retired so i could focus more on school. :D so, yea... thats about me :D


Birthday: October 11

Gender: Male

Favorite Color: White

Favorite fewd: Steak, Cheeseburger, Kiwi Fruit

Favorite Movie: Inception/ZombieLand

Favorite Quote: "This lockerroom smells like a FRENCH WH*RE HOUSE!!!" -my football coach in 6th grade

What do I do for Alteria?Edit

Well, thats not that hard is it?

I Moderate it :D

And i be sexy for it :3